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Vegas (cont)
riot girl

The Titanic exhibition, currently at the Luxor where we are staying, is brilliant. It's apparently here for ten years (2008 – 2018) and, although the juxtaposition of a monument to mortality and the brash plastic YOLO of Vegas is slightly jarring, I'm really pleased we got to see it.

Afterwards we went down to the spa – spent some time in the whirlpool and then C had a sauna while I read a magazine and drank some sort of special cucumber water. There is a pool outside but we didn't go in, because a) there was no shade and it's seriously hot, b) we hadn't brought sunblock, c) there was a DJ, d) the people in it made me feel old. There are a lot of very young people out here, and it looks like fake ID is good enough ID when it comes to alcohol. Also, some very interesting outfits – the young woman in the two handkerchiefs might like to note that if you're doing revealing, just rock it, there is no point trying to tug that up or down. C got chatted up by one of a group of young men, all heavily muscled and heavily tattooed, and not in a gay way…

We went to a show this evening – Jan Reuven, Illusions, he is Illusionist of the Year 2014 or something and it was really good. Cheesey in the extreme, but he did a nice line in patter and the actual magic was brilliant.

A taxi ride back, giving a real-life demonstration of Grand Theft Auto, and we've just got outside a plateful of food.

Tomorrow is a long driving day, off to somewhere near Yosemite. Will update as and when there is wifi...


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