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riot girl
After the winter, the roads are dreadful.  There are potholes like craters all over the place, and however fast they're repaired, more seem to spring up. 

There was a horrible case recently of a cyclist who was killed when he swerved to avoid a pothole which was described as "like a trench" and was taken out by an overtaking lorry.  This also of course begs the question of what the lorry driver thought he was doing overtaking a cyclist so close, but that's perhaps a different story.

This morning's ride up to Harrow on the Hill was plagued with potholes so deep that the motorists were swerving to avoid them.  Now that's a good way to make life interesting.  Special kudos to the lady who started to overtake nice and wide, spotted the holes in the road and pulled back in on me to avoid them.  

Other than that, a very nice ride though - less than 10 miles but the first solo ride I've done for a while which has felt like fun rather than a grim slog.

And I got a pat on the back from a passing roadie.  Which was nice. 

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You'll never guess what I was just ranting about when I saw this post...

I think it's a fair bet that every cyclist who's been out for a bank holiday ride today will be ranting about the same thing!

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