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A lovely weekend
riot girl
At risk of a "wot I did on my weekend" post, I have had a specially lovely weekend and therefore need to blog about it.

After a fairly intense week at work I went up to Hull to visit my fabulous cousin minkusme.  I arrived Friday night and was promptly taken out for a splendid curry - lamb sihal, which I've not tried before, proves to be Very Tasty Indeed.  

Yesterday we went for a walk.  minkusme and her partner are both big walkers, and we did a loop beginning and ending at the site of a deserted medieval village, Wharram Percy, down to Thixendale and across the Wolds Way back up to the village, where we had a picnic Famous-Five-style in the ruins of the church.  I fell a little bit in love with Thixendale - it has a pub serving pheasant pie, home made crumble and Pit Pony (the ale, not the animal), plus a village shop, and is right in the middle of some fantastic walking / cycling country.  Plus there was a vintage car reliability trial that we stopped to watch.

I'd forgotten how much I love walking.  Since I'd remembered to bring the sort of clothing that would support a decent tour through the Antarctic, the weather stayed firmly sunny and the ground nicely dry.  Ambling through the Wolds was an absolutely perfect way to spend a bright Saturday. 

Back home there was a little bit of a downer to an otherwise perfect weekend - one of the quail chicks started looking peaky and five minutes later was an ex-quail.  I have no idea what caused it, but the others all look okay.... fingers crossed.

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Quails and chicks in general are notoriously delicate (I've helped raised both), I'm sure he/she was a happy little soul while briefly in your care.

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