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San Francisco!
riot girl
We left Mono Lake early in the morning to get to Yosemite before there was too much traffic, which proved to be a good choice.  The road there was amazing (we went up to 10,000 feet at one point) and we were virtually the only people on it.  Descending into Yosemite Valley, we had loads of time spare, so we did the little tourist loop and parked up at the car park to walk into the village.

The museum there is small but interesting and the shops are relatively tasteful - there is a shop selling lots of tat, but there isn't any neon and the structures are not too hideous.  The "Indian Village" had a number of informative plaques and was a re-creation but the round house is still used for ceremonies, which is nice.  The information glossed over the nastier bits of the expulsions of the Paiute people from Yosemite - lots of passive voice "it was decided that…." etc.  After a good look round the museum we walked up to Yosemite Falls.  I took some snaps but they don't even begin to do it justice - the water pours off the top of the mountain so far up that it looks like spray, then falls down to where the trail takes you, making its way through fallen boulders to the Merced River.  The boulders are sufficiently large that you can climb along them, if you don't mind getting your feet wet, and if we'd had more time I'd have liked to go to the foot of the waterfall.  Although my centre of gravity is a touch off at the moment, I tucked my dress up into my knickers like an overgrown child (only so it came just above the knee, not into the top of my knickers, for those who have never resorted to this when faced with unanticipated paddling opportunities) and headed into the water.  It's snow / glacier fed, so chilly enough to make your feet ache if you stand there too long!  We both scrambled a little way along and I poured some of the water over my head.  It's a stunningly beautiful place and I want to go back and spend more time there, just watching the water and the rocks.

Sadly we had to get back to the car, and by the time we got to the car park, it was filling up rapidly.  We headed off towards San Francisco, and again, had a lovely drive as far as the suburban-ish bits.  We were due to meet up with J and E who moved out to Sunnyvale a couple of years ago, and managed to get there early - quite good going given we hit rush hour!

They took us to downtown Sunnyvale for dinner and because they are lovely, invited us to stay over.  Sunnyvale is the residential area of Silicon Valley and has an almost university-like feel to it - a young demographic with a mix of nationalities - as well as a rather fabulous pizza place.

After breakfast this morning (courtesy of a well known global brand) we headed north into San Francisco proper.  We found our motel - which is fantastic, just on the edge of the Castro - and managed to return the car.  They don't seem to have noticed that we trashed one, so fingers crossed that we don't get charged for that.  Then we mooched around the Castro for the afternoon, stopping at the Human Rights Campaign for some merch in a good cause (a cycling jersey each, a bag, and even though we said we wouldn't get baby stuff before the baby arrives, a "love conquers hate" bib.)

We're planning our itinerary for the next few days but there's loads to do - the GLBT museum, the film festival, a gig, and as much coffee as we think we can manage!